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What kind of people can become asymptomatic infected?

Xiaoqi Tu

As more and more people get infected with theCOVID-19,You may complain, why am I not the chosenone?Is becoming asymptomatic infected a gift from God? Or does being him all depend on our own efforts?So whatkind of person can be the asymptomatic infected?

Asymptomatic Infected

The nucleic acid sequence of the COVID-19 can bedetected in nucleic acid detection or serum antibodydetection ,and Specific antibodies to the COVID-19 ,butthe infected people show no symptoms.

What percentage do

asymptomatic infected account for?

On December 2, 2022, the CDC's prestigious journalMMWR published the results of a large U.S. serologicalstudy. This study is of great significance, as it confirmsthat there are a large number of asymptomatic infectionswith 43.7% of COVID-19 infections, which is the conceptof " suppressive infection" in infectious diseases.

What kind of person

can become the asymptomatic ?

The amount of virus is small: When an infectedperson has been exposed to a small amount of the virus orwhen the virus strain is less virulent, they may not showsymptoms; Strong immunity: If the infected person's immune system is strong enough to destroy the invading virus in the external parts of the mouth and nasal mucosa, the virus will not enter deeper organs or tissues and cause further damage.

Boost your immunity, and you really could be thenext chosen one! -

Why is the number of

asymptomatic infected people



With the continuous mutation of the COVID-19, thecurrent circulating Omicron variant has increasedinfectivity, relatively weakened virulence, and relativelymild clinical symptoms, which will result in many infectedpeople showing no clinical symptoms after infection.

Related to mass population immunization. Nowvaccination coverage is high, after vaccination, the body'simmunity is enhanced, even if the infection, relativelyspeaking may not show some symptoms, vaccination isvery effective.



Is an asymptomatic person contagious?

Both asymptomatic infectedand general infectedpersons are infectious, and because asymptomaticinfected persons have no obvious symptoms, they arenot easy to be detected in the population.

How do we protect ourselves

if we are surrounded

by asymptomatic patients?

Do a good job of personal and family healthmonitoring. If you have fever, cough and othersymptoms, stop going to work or school. Wear a mask when you go out, and take it with you.

Keep a safe distance when waiting in line to reducequeuing time and avoid clumps.

Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose aftertouching the elevator handrails, buttons, doorknobs,POS machines and other parts that are frequentlytouched by people. Clean your hands or use sanitizer intime.

Advocate the use of public chopsticks and spoons toprevent cross-contamination.

Use electronic payment methods whenever possible.

Hope that the infected friends could get well soon, thefriends who are still healthy should take care of yourself! Maybe you are the chosen one!

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