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Our Misson

The noble mission of FuSSO is to elevate the academic aptitude of its participants in the realm of STEM disciplines. The organization is dedicated to fostering exceptional opportunities for collaborative research, stimulating academic discourse, and delivering outstanding educational tutorials. FuSSO aims to provide the world with an exceptional cadre of elite scientists. Its resolute dedication is focused on enriching the global scientific community and forging a brighter future through the power of knowledge.

Our Story


Establishment of HSSRC (High School Science Research Organization)


HSSRC Annual Meeting


Organization Name Upgraded to FuSSO


Structural Change of FuSSO


FuSSO Annual Meeting

Driven by a shared passion for science, the founder assembled a global cohort of high school students, united by their common goal of advancing scientific endeavors. Together, they formed an organization dedicated to fostering scientific excellence and nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders.

After months of diligent efforts, we expanded our organization, welcoming new members to join our ranks. During the Annual Meeting, we reflected on our accomplishments, introduced the organization to a wider audience, and set ambitious goals for the upcoming year.

As more and more undergraduate students, masters, and Ph.D. students join the organization, we decide to upgrade the name of the organization so we can include more people thus enhancing our diversity and academic level.

In response to the organization's growth, a revolutionary change was implemented in its structure, resulting in the development of "Advanced Programs" and "Basic Programs" to effectively address the evolving requirements and drive future advancements. These new programs were designed to cater to the diverse needs of the organization and lay the foundation for continuous improvement.

After an accomplished year filled with research, seminars, competitions, education, and articles, FuSSO celebrates the new year. We reflected on our achievements this past year and recognized areas of improvement, and we are more excited than ever to welcome the new year. We set new goals, and we look forward to facing new challenges!  

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