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Effects of Excessive Intake of Fried Food on Human Body

Lin Chen

Everyone must know that excessive consumption of fried food will cause certain harm to the body, so how do these harm come about? Come and have a look with me!

Fried food includes BBQ, KFC, McDonald's, etc. Generally, fried food smells attractive and tastes as if it is dancing on people's taste buds. So now some teenagers are more and more enthusiastic about fried food, which is a very bad phenomenon because fried food will cause irreparable damage to the body. Here, this article out of the following points call for us not to eat more fried food.

First, the oil and raw materials used to fry food are not qualified. Many vicious street vendors often use gutter oil to fry food. Eating "gutter oil" can destroy people's Leukocyte and gastrointestinal mucous membrane, causing food poisoning and even cancer. Some vendors will use qualified edible oil, but in order to save costs, they often use oil repeatedly high temperature heating, "thousand rolls oil" in the original unsaturated fatty acids after many high temperature heating will produce dimer, trimer and other polymers, toxic, will cause harm to our body; In addition, most fried and baked foods, especially French fries, contain high levels of acrylamide, a carcinogen.What's more, some fried food producers can use expiring or even expired food for frying. After frying, the food looks normal on the surface, or even very delicious. However, in fact, it will lead to adverse reactions in our body, which is invisible at the beginning.

Second, if too much consumption of fried food used in trans-fatty acids, leavening agents and pigments and other additives, light lead to obesity, gastrointestinal damage, heavy cause skeletal system lesions, and even lead to cancer.

Third, fried food itself is a kind of fast food which is full of heavy oil and salt, with low nutrition but high calorie, fat content, which means it is not easy to digest, so that long-term consumption will make cholesterol levels rise. If not paid attention to, it will damage the liver, and then suffer from fatty liver, may also be complicated with diabetes and other chronic diseases, lead to abnormal metabolic function, aggravate the original disease in the body.

Besides, fried food is cooked at high temperature in a very short time, so that its surface is often fried brown (paste) and hard, but the inside is not fully cooked, not only do not effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the food, easy to occur intestinal parasites and other diseases; After food is fried at high temperature, the protein will fry and deteriorate, which will reduce the nutritional value. The high temperature will also destroy the fat soluble vitamins in food, such as vitamin A, carotene and vitamin E, and hinder the human body's absorption and utilization of them. Be accustomed to eat fried food, due to lack of vitamin and moisture, easy to get inflamed; High fat is also bad for digestion, affects your stomach, leads to obesity and so on.

Love to eat fried food too much can lead to a series of physical diseases. Although the medical industry has made progress, to put it bluntly, we still have very limited treatment technology for diseases, especially serious diseases such as liver failure. Therefore, it is better to build a healthy body by eating a healthy diet now and cutting down on fried foods rather than relying on drugs and medical devices later.

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