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Does having cancer equal "immortality"?


Cancer - When you hear this word, do you feel daunted by its terrifying ability to destroy the human body? Are you avoiding its existence?

But do you know? The continuous division of cells forms the existence of cancer in the human body and there is no possibility of stopping. In contrast, the reason why people will be born, old, sick, and die is that the cells in the body have stopped dividing or the division speed is decreasing at a linear speed.

So suppose, if the cells in the human body never stop, just like cancer cells, can we realize the idea of immortality in the future?

As all of us also know, cancer is a malignant tumor. It is a kind of diseased cell that survives in the human body in a way of continuous division and abnormal proliferation. The abnormality of the mechanism that controls cell division and proliferation causes it, and these diseased cells will have nightmares for various organs and tissues in the human body.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, these diseased cells will not only continue to divide and proliferate but also uncontrollably invade and destroy different normal mechanisms in the body. However, in contrast to normal cells in the body, they do not divide and survive endlessly like cancer cells.

As we all know, the two ends of each chromosome in eukaryotic cells in every organism contain a structure called a telomere, which can act as a biological life clock to control the number of divisions of each cell. Every time a healthy cell divides, the telomeres at both ends will shorten a little. As the telomeres at both ends of the cell shrink to a certain extent day by day, year after year, the state of the cell will enter an aging state and will eventually fail. Once all the cells in the human body are nearly exhausted, then, according to this situation, death is not far away.

So if all the cells in the human body become cancerous, what will happen? Immortal?

No! If you think this way, you are entirely wrong. If it exists, then I am afraid that this kind of technology only exists in science fiction movies.

As mentioned above, the degree of harm to cancer cells is even more jaw-dropping than we imagined. Furthermore, there is currently no medical method that can make all cells in the body cancerous.

But in general, there will be a lot of uncertainties after normal cells become cancerous. Although in the process of carcinogenesis, cancer cells continue to proliferate, they also lose many functional mechanisms. Because cancer cells have no self-control and are very chaotic cells. Cancer cells and cancer cells are constantly competing and phagocytizing and constantly absorbing nutrients from each other and the human body.

As long as the human body's nutrients can't keep up with the absorption of cancer cells, their result is death and necrosis, so they will flow into different organ mechanisms to plunder the nutrients in the organs. Once all the cells are cancerous, it will eradicate every organ in the human body.

With the continuous improvement of the current medical level,I believe that scientists will break the secret of immortality in the future, so we don't need to worry too much now. Birth, old age, sickness, and death are normal for everyone.

We must maintain a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle every day. Prolonging life is not a problem. However, one should not be too obsessed with immortality to try those unfounded "credulous ways" regardless of one's health!

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