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Mengtao Zhang

Peking University


Reverse water vapor shift reaction, transient kinetics, isotope tracing technology, online mass spectrometry detection

FuSSO Experience

Mengtao Zhang is a Doctor of Science in Physical Chemistry at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University. He received the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Nanjing University,  and he has studied at Duke University, Taiwan University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

He has published 15 SCI papers and 1 invention patent. His papers have been cited more than 1,300 times, with 15 papers having an impact factor of 10 or above. 6 ESI highly cited papers, and 2 current event papers. 

He was the first/co-first author for 4 papers in journals like Nature, Chem, and Joule, and 11 collaboration papers. 

His paper on low-temperature and high-efficiency hydrogen production were published in Nature, British Chemical Society. Eng. & News in January 2021 under the title "Catalyst boosts prospects for fuel-cell vehicles"

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