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University of California - Los Angeles




Hey!! My name is Krish, a freshman at UCLA studying Neuroscience on the pre-medicine track. I also plan on minoring in Spanish and Global Studies. Currently, I am doing thalamocortical research at the Biomedical Research Building at UCLA. Here, we grow organoids and give them growth factors to better represent parts of the brain, which we analyze to better understand their functions. I am also the outreach director of the Advocating for Intersectional Medicine, where we support different healthcare causes and protest for equality and the country's wellness. Apart from that, I am also a part of multiple philanthropy and community service groups aspiring to better the Los Angeles area. My current internship is as a Care Extender within the Ronald Reagan Hospital in LA, in which we rotate around departments shadowing and assisting doctors, nurses, and care partners. This summer, I've landed another Nursing Assistant job, as well as plan to shadow various doctors and surgeons in my area. I am also, hoping to add some traveling somewhere in between! I am super excited to be working with you all :)

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