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Johns Hopkins University


Public Health, Business Economics


I am a current undergraduate student double majoring in Public Health and Business Economics at Johns Hopkins University. My main extracurriculars in high school pertained to community service and culture. I co-founded my first non-profit organization which garnered over $60,000, was the youngest teacher to teach the Korean language at a Korean school, and created my own Korean language program. I edited for the national news outlet, "Korea Times" and also created a photo project depicting Asian poverty that was published in numerous news articles. At Johns Hopkins, I am currently shadowing a radiologist, working as a STEM school teacher at the Pimlico Elementary School, and participating in the Kidney Disease Screening & Awareness Program, Doctors without Borders, and Advocates for Reproductive and Sexual Health. I am also tutoring biology for incarcerated women, men, and children through my college's Jail Tutorial Project. In terms of high school awards, I was the Grand Prize Winner of the National Korean Speech Contest, received the International Korean Excellence Award presented by the Korean Ambassador to the US and was the Semi-finalist of the National Korean & English Translation Competition. One of my greatest strengths is that I have always loved to help my peers and people in general whether it be through tutoring for an exam or applying to colleges. I hope to do more of that professionally here with you!

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