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Columbia University


Applied Math, Premed


Hi! I am Emily Li Wang and I am from New Jersey and I currently attend Columbia University, majoring in Applied Math and also on the Premedical Track. In high school, I focused on competition math and violin as my main extracurriculars that helped me with college admissions. In terms of competition math, I am a two-time AIME qualifier and I was also part of the Lehigh Valley ARML team all throughout high school and where I competed in ARML, and also PUMaC and HMMT. As for violin, which I started learning since I was 7, I was a multiple time Eastern Division Finalist (winner of the NJ State Competition, and represent NJ in Eastern Division 13 states competition) for the MTNA Solo String Competition. I served as the concertmaster for the Bravura Youth Orchestra and the concertmaster of the Ridge High School Orchestra all throughout high school. Currently, in college, I am part of the Columbia Barnard chapter of Matriculate, which helps low-income high-achieving students get advising on the college application process, so I have lots of experience with advising diverse applicants. I'm excited to help you on your journey to attending college!

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