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UPenn Class of 2026




Hi there! I'm Angela, a recent graduate from the School of Science and Engineering at the Townview Magnet Center in Dallas, TX (a mouthful, I know). I am a first-gen, low-income, Hispanic woman in STEM student who has managed to figure out the college application process with the help of my school's advisor (office hours were a blessing), and am excited to return the favor and share what I've learned! In Depth Bio: I attended The School of Science and Engineering Magnet at the Townview Magnet Center, which has continuously ranked in the top 3 public high schools in Texas and top 20 in the nation. I now attend the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate working towards an Architecture(Design) Bachelor's and an Environmental/Sustainability Management Minor. The main experiences that helped with my college applications were my involvement in my school's music program (Choir, A Capella, UIL Solo and Ensemble, UIL Choir, 9/10 Honor Choir, TMEA All State, Weekly Voice Lessons, and the Met Opera Virtual Honors Choir), as well as my intensive course load (19 AP Classes), and my summer internships at Structure Tone Southwest, a firm under the STO Building Group, a global leader in the construction management and general contracting industry. My main academic awards come from my high AP scores and my non-academic awards are the 1's and Sweepstakes earned through UIL music competitions. I am a first-gen, low income, woman in STEM therefore I understand just how daunting the application process is and hope to help others go figure it out.

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