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The Fu-Net program refers to the establishment of FuSSO clubs in various districts and schools. Its significance is to provide offline scholars with more exciting projects and activities and to meet more friends who love scientific research through this project. This project is committed to building an offline academic system, providing them with scientific research assistance, and enjoying the internal resources of the organization. It is hoped that members can learn and progress with fellows who love scientific research in offline activities.

Fu-Shanghai Division

FuSSO Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as FuSSO SH) is a scientific research organization under the Fu-Net program, which is the local branch of FuSSO and is responsible for the day-to-day governance of FuSSO's work in Shanghai and the surrounding East China region, and for carrying out FuSSO's local work. FuSSO SH includes research and science outreach groups in the STEM disciplines, and a business and media department that conducts research covering biology, science and technology. Business and Media Division, which carries out activities and projects covering a wide range of fields including natural sciences such as biology, chemistry and business, media, etc. Our aim is to provide a platform for outstanding students who are willing to achieve forward-looking results in STEM or other highly sophisticated industries, and to nurture elite scholars and scientists of the future.


Interested applicants can apply to join FuSSO shanghai through member schools and member clubs. If you are unable to apply through member schools and member clubs, you can join FuSSO as an individual.


Applicants are required to prepare a description of their club or school, an activity proposal, and a list of members and submit it to FuSSO shanghai's Human Resources Office for review. If you would like to apply for a leadership position in Shanghai, you will need to provide an additional resume and fill out an application form and submit it to the HR office for review and interview.


We will develop a diverse range of STEM activities in East China, with Shanghai at the center. This includes providing course recording and coaching for IB, AP and various competitions such as UKCHO and USABO. Collaboration with some life science research institutions to experience biology and chemistry lab operations and basic research projects in advance. Promote life science knowledge to schools and the community. We will provide volunteer hour as a promotion.

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Fu-Net Shanghai

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