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Welcome to FU-EDU, an accommodating online platform that is comprised of three vital parts: scholarly mind, forum, and seminar. The diversity of the program provides multiple opportunities for STEM students to enhance their backgrounds and enrich their horizons. Join us as we start our sensational journey pursuing knowledge.

Scholarly mind 

Scholarly mind is a platform that belongs to FUSSO’S FU-EDU program, aiming to provide a series of academic materials and support. Our goal is to help the students to develop their academic abilities, career planning, and self-improvement. After the program was modified, we changed and introduced three parallel programs: self-paced courses, a mentorship program, and a tutoring program. We are not only going to actively promote the development of these programs but also corporate with volunteers, students, and schools to create a learning environment that is positive and full of opportunities.


Self-Paced Courses

The self-paced course is an online study platform that we provide to the students. We are providing a series of college-level and pre-college-level courses for students to extend their knowledge of interest. All the courses provided will be prepared by teachers who are professional, outstanding, and fluent in English speaking and will be posted on scholarly mind’s website.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program is an advisership program that we provide for high school students on campus. This program helps the student gain academic and career development success by interacting with the adviser and providing personal support and guidance.

Tutor Program

The tutoring program is a free tutoring plan that we provide for AP( Advanced Placement) students. This program helps the students to improve in their weaker subjects by providing a one to one tutoring support.


The Fu-Seminar invites prestigious university mentors to FuSSO for guest charity lectures, offering members a rare opportunity to engage with PhDs and professors directly. We also prepare and distribute up-to-date materials and summaries of these lectures, enabling our members to enhance their knowledge and skills.


The Fu-Edu Academic Debate provides members with the opportunity to practice bilingual debate skills through a series of STEM and non-STEM topics, encourages members to express themselves boldly, and cultivates members' logical abilities.

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Fu-Net Branches


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