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Check Out FuSSO's Innovative Research and Invention Competition (IRIC)!

Chuqiao Peng

Mar 1, 2024

Seasonal Theme: Sustainable Development; Registration closes on March 10, 2024

The Fu-SAC-IRIC competition is an innovative research competition organized by Future Science Scholars Organization (FuSSO). The competition aims to stimulate innovative thinking among contestants, cultivate contestants' ability to use theoretical knowledge to create practical applications solving social problems, and give high school students a platform to showcase their unique ideas. The competition will provide students with an open platform and extensive resources, which encourages students to learn interdisciplinary theoretical knowledge, use their strategies to face real-world challenges, solve urgent social problems, and meet urgent human needs in creative ways. Such competition can not only influence the way contestants view and solve problems, but also shape the leadership capabilities of future innovators and cultivate talents who are brave enough to explore the unknown.

Registration Link:

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