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Johns Hopkins University Class of 2025


Neurobiology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences


Hi! My name is Aryan and I'm currently studying neuroscience and cellular biology at Johns Hopkins University. For the past three years, I've been a mentor at an autism research institute. At the institute, I have committed myself to help children with learning disabilities land opportunities to help lead successful lives. I think my experiences as a pediatric intern at Heartspring were the reason why I got into the schools I got into. I was extremely passionate about helping and working with these kids - that translated into some excellent fodder for college applications. Furthermore, since I was one of the few male mentors in an industry primarily dominated by women which made me stand out even more to the admissions officers. The college application process is tricky, but it is also extremely gratifying. You see, at the heart of the college application process lies you - colleges want to know who you are. If you can answer that question, then forget about college - you've set yourself up for bigger success. I had some amazing mentors when I was younger, I'd love to help you in the same way.

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