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Introduction to Java Programming

Dive into the world of Java programming with this self-paced course designed for beginners. You'll start with the basics of printing and variables, then explore numbers and operations. Master control flow with if statements, and loops (for and while). Enhance your skills with string methods, and delve into object-oriented programming with classes and objects. Each topic is crafted to build your confidence and proficiency in Java, paving the way for more advanced programming concepts. Join now and start your journey towards becoming a Java developer!


Discover the fascinating world of the brain in this self-paced neuroscience course. Learn about brain basics, senses and perception, movement, and the processes of learning, memory, and emotions. Explore thinking, planning, and language, and understand brain development from infancy through adolescence. Study bodily balance, childhood and psychiatric disorders, addiction, brain injury and illness, and various diseases. Understand different research methods and the impact of neuroscience on society. This course provides a concise yet thorough overview for anyone curious about the brain and its functions.


Master the fundamentals of macroeconomics with this self-paced course. Learn about economic principles, the nature of economic systems, and the role of government. Explore key concepts such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. Understand fiscal and monetary policies, international trade, and finance. Prepare for the AP exam with comprehensive lessons and practice tests. Perfect for high school students seeking to excel in AP Macroeconomics.

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