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Why are you still positive after vaccination?


Is it necessary to receive the new crown vaccine


The vaccine reduces the disease after the individual is infected and helps the individual resist the virus, thus preventing the individual from becoming a new source of infection, but it is definitely not invulnerable to all viruses!


How the Vaccine Works in the Human Body


Viruses are mutating

Many viruses often change by mutation. These mutations are stacked together to produce slightly different versions of the virus, called "mutant strains" of the virus. Sometimes, new mutant strains appear and then disappear. Other times, new strains of the virus remain. If there is evidence that they are more likely to spread, cause more severe disease and are more difficult to detect, treat or prevent with vaccination, they are called strains of high concern. Scientists will continue to study and track the evolution of these mutant strains.


Asymptomatic infection continues to spread

Vaccines can reduce the chance of further spread. The simple truth is that if A is an infected person, B who has been vaccinated and C who has not been vaccinated contact A at the same time, then in theory, the virus will invade B and C at the same time without distinction. However, because B has been vaccinated, his ability to resist the virus is stronger, and the virus may be wiped out in a few days. Since C has not been vaccinated, the reaction to the virus is much slower, and it takes a week or two to eliminate the virus. In this case, it can be seen that if B and C who are both infected walk into the crowd, the infection caused by B is significantly smaller than that of C.


Vaccines reduce severe illness

Why do we still get positive after vaccination

The vaccine itself is what reduces the symptoms triggered when the virus invades and allows the body's specific immunity to work more quickly.

We must first understand that unless we kill the virus by chemical means (such as alcohol poisoning), or by physical means of isolation (such as wearing a mask, of course, the skin itself is also a physical isolation), you can not stop the virus invasion, so the world, there is no "invulnerable" natural people.

However, the virus invaded the body, not an instant will spread to the whole body, but there is a process and degree, then, this degree of invasion, depends on the internal immunity of our body, you can commonly understand the body's police (the vast majority of infectious diseases are dependent on immunity to good).

Immunity this thing, and the individual quality of people related to the person varies from person to person, so you will see that the immune system is strong, often in the daily life, rarely infected, while the immune system is weak people often get sick. Even if powerful as smallpox, there are still people who can survive it.

So what does the vaccine do? What the vaccine does is the equivalent of finding a disguised enemy to come in first for a little drill so that the body's police remember what it looks like. That way, the next time the virus comes, it can quickly take effect and go on to defeat the enemy.

Did you notice here? Immunity can not take the initiative to give people a protective shield, that is science fiction, immunity still have to wait for the virus to come, invasion, and then can work, but this time to be much faster than normal, after all, experienced the exercise well.

So this is the main role of the vaccine: to activate the immunity faster and avoid further invasion of the virus causing infection and greater consequences.


Why do we still seriously ill after vaccination

This is mentioned above, there are differences between people and their constitution, some people's immunity is strong enough to take out all the invading viruses, some people have poorer immunity and will not be able to deal with it adequately, so they will let the virus invade further.


How to keep from getting infected

In addition to vaccination, prevention of the new coronavirus requires hygiene and cleanliness, active protection, avoidance of close contact, and good and safe eating habits.

Be sure to wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands with soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and water before, during and after food preparation; after coughing or sneezing; when caring for a patient; before and after meals; and immediately after handling animals or animal excrement.

Active Protection

When coughing or sneezing on your own, be sure to use tissues, or cover your mouth and nose completely, and throw the used tissues, immediately into a closed bin, and wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

Avoid close contact

In a relatively closed environment, prolonged exposure to high concentrations of aerosol situation, the existence of aerosol transmission possible, so usually do not go to densely populated, non-ventilated public places, such as shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, and buses. Avoid close contact with animals without protection, avoid contact with stray animals in fresh markets, waste water, and avoid close contact with strangers, keep 1-2m away. Always wear a mask when going out to reduce the risk of exposure to pathogens. If there are positive members in the family, do a good job of isolation and keep a 2m distance well wear a mask.

Develop good and safe eating habits

The virus is sensitive to heat and can be inactivated at 56°C for 30 minutes, so it is important to cook meat and eggs thoroughly for consumption, and to maintain hygiene and cleanliness between raw and cooked foods and to wash hands regularly.

More indoor ventilation

Stockpile of drugs and extermination supplies

75% alcohol, chlorinated disinfectants, and peracetic acid can effectively inactivate viruses, so the room can be disinfected intermittently while maintaining ventilation.

Scientific Mask Wearin

Masks with virus protection, such as medical surgical masks, N95, N90. masks should be worn correctly.

Usually pay more attention and get more rest

If you have a fever and cough, you need to go to a major hospital promptly。

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