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Popular science about cancer



According to the World Cancer Report, it is not hard to see that the incidence of cancer is still gradually rising, and it is increasingly invading people's lives. Due to various reasons, people have many prejudices and misunderstandings about the cause and prevention and treatment of cancer, which affect the early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer. So I will popularize cancer science for you from four aspects.


To know about cancer, we certainly need to know what a cancer cell is. Cancer cells are some cells in the body under the action of carcinogenic factors. When the genetic material in the cells changes, they become malignant proliferating cells that divide continuously and under the control of the body. We all know that the key word of tumor is "solid" so malignant solid tumor is cancer, but remember that there are many blood cancer tumors, benign tumors are not cancer, cancer is only a part of a tumor. Cancer lethality is often related to organ failure, either one organ failure or systemic failure. If the cancer metastasizes, the risk is greatly increased, one reason is that one tumor metastasis becomes N tumors, and the other reason is that the place of metastasis is often a very important place. The worst areas are bran metastasis, lung metastasis, bone metastasis, and liver metastasis.


So, what is the most important factor in causing cancer? Gene? Pollution?food and drink? Smoke? None! It's age. Epidemiological statistics show that the incidence of cancer increases with age and geometrically, and the incidence of cancer is 3,4 or even 5 times of age. As the cancer cells continue to multiply, the cancer develops faster and faster. The inside and outside of cancer cells have hidden reversal factors that cannot be discharged which is its characteristic, but also its disadvantage, which creates its instability.


Let's take a look at the treatment for cancer.

The first is "immunotherapy", which has a huge theoretical advantage:

1.It does not directly damage, but instead strengthens the immune system

2.Can treat a variety of cancers and works for many people

3.Can inhibit cancer cell evolution with a low recurrence rate

Next by CAR-T immunotherapy

CAR-T, full name Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell lmmunotherapy, chimeric antigen receptor T-Cell immunotherapy.

And finally there are oncolytic viruses, which are not specific viruses, but a class of viruses that tend to infect tumor cells, multiply inside cancer cells, and eventually cause tumor cells to lyse, break, and die.


Finally, we can provide a few tips on cancer prevention.

Self-Check: Do you have any of the following behavior habits?

1. The habit of smoking

2. The habit of drinking alcohol

3. Like food fried, barbecue food

4. Like salt, smoked food

5. Like to eat high-fat food

6. Don't like to eat vegetables and fruits

7. Discharacter, not willing to communicate with others

8. Often suppress your emotions

9. Don't like sports


There were 20 cases of daily cancer induction

1.Infection with hepatitis B virus can induce liver cancer;

2.Frequent contact with radiation, easy to induce lung cancer and leukemia;

3.human papillary virus can induce cervical cancer;

4.Frequent contact with asphalt, easy to induce skin cancer;

5.Infection with spirbacteria can induce gastric cancer;

6.Frequent contact with coal tar, prone to skin cancer;

7.Smoking(more than 2 packs a day, more than 10 years) can induce lung cancer;

8.Long-term use of chemical hair dyes can induce lymphoma;

9.Passive smoking (over 22 years) can induce lung cancer and laryngeal cancer;

10.Frequent exposure in the sun can induce skin cancer;

11.alcoholism can induce throat cancer;

12.Eating hot and hot food is easy to cause oesophageal cancer;

13.Red meat (namely beef, mutton) intake is too large, can induce colon;

14.cancer Excessive obesity can induce colon cancer and breast cancer;

15.insufficient intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can induce lung cancer;

16.Lack of exercise(less than 1000 calories per week) can induce colon and rectal cancer;

17.Newspapers containing food can get all kinds of cancer;

18.Long-term mental stress can induce a variety of cancers;

19.insufficient cellulose intake can induce colon cancer and rectal cancer

20.High-salt and salty food, prone to stomach cancer.

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