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Occupational Bias in Society


In our daily lives, more and more people have biases toward different professions, and most people have developed stereotypical impressions of some professions. So, what is professional bias? What impact does it have on us?


Professional bias is an unreasonable perception of different professions caused by social and personal factors, leading to a tendency toward a preference or aversion for certain professions. For example, when some people hear the word "masseur," some might think, "This is not a decent job," "He must be flirting with clients," "There is no good future in this job." "Senior hairdresser" is also a term that many people have heard, but in the eyes of many, it is still just "cutting hair for people," "Hairdressers and senior hairdressers are all unprofessional." These are all examples of professional bias.


1. People in society are diverse, coming from different places and receiving different levels of education. It is precisely because of these different cultural backgrounds that many people do not truly understand the meaning of each profession. making it easy to develop professional biases.

2. The salaries of different professions in society are different, like delivery drivers and white-collar workers. According to a small business survey, the salary of delivery workers who work more than seven hours a day is mostly between 5,000-8,000, while of the salary most white-collar workers can reach 20,000 or more. Therefore, many people think that being a delivery worker is a useless and time-wasting profession, while being a white-collar worker is a high-end, high-income job.

3. Some professions are prone to bias because most people believe that these professions are not auspicious, low-class, and can negatively affect their lives.


In the recent popular TV drama "Da Yue Has a New Job," a 95-year-old girl becomes a makeup artist in a funeral home. Because of her job, she is despised by many people and is afraid to touch her because they think that touching the hands of the dead will bring them bad luck. The confused San Yue slowly stops caring about others' opinions and her job, and lives optimistically.

This TV drama reflects the fact that many people have serious professional biases, not only verbal attacks and behind-the-scenes gossip, but also possible physical attacks on these people. These factors may cause people to feel hurt and troubled, and severely, they may lose their self-esteem, self-confidence, and hope for survival.

According to a survey, those who work in the funeral and environmental cleaning industries are most susceptible to occupational prejudice. The reason for this is that most people believe that these jobs are very inauspicious and embarrassing. roadside is disgraceful, and that working in the funeral industry will bring them bad luck. A small minority of people also have occupational bias against those in the entertainment industry, believing that their glamorous appearance is only possible because they rely on powerful sources, for resources and that their personal lives are chaotic, with late nights spent carousing and gold-digging, among other reasons. Many professions in society are subject to slander, and these prejudices have a significant impact on the lives of those who have worked hard to earn their wealth in society.


1. Don't get caught up in it, go outside and see the world, and improve your mood. Believe that no matter what profession you are in, as long as you can overcome difficulties, it is a form of self-challenge, which demonstrates that you are a very promising and hardworking person.

2. Try to persuade others as much as possible and use your actions and words to change people's perceptions of the profession. However, if you can't convince them, stop trying as it may impact your own emotions.

3. If you see criticism and judgments about your profession on the internet, put down your phone and don't pay attention to their opinions. Let your world be quiet, and be sure to stand firm.

4. You can read books, listen to music, and do yoga to shift your focus.


There are various types of jobs in the world, some that you may like and some that you may dislike or feel averse towards. However, as long as you have love and perseverance for your work, it can be a way to achieve self-fulfillment At the same time, we should not view other people's professions with colored lenses. As long as one can earn wealth through hard work and effort, they are valuable members of society and should be remembered.

“With three hundred and sixty trades, everyone is a master of his own.”

We hope that everyone will not experience occupational prejudice, and that we will all live well with a friendly heart and courageously move forward in this society.

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