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Is it a good thing to eat things like barbecued or fried in the middle of the night?1


According to statistics, more than 80% of people in China like to eat barbecue, 15% say it is OK, only 5% say they don't like barbecue. And the frequency with which young people eat such foods on a regular basis continues to rise sharply.But people are only immersed in the food and ignore their health.

Most people like to eat BBQ and fried food when they eat late at night. When meat protein is roasted at high temperature, it will produce a toxic carcinogenic substance, which will induce cytopathic diseases, especially stomach cancer and other diseases.


There is a cloud in traditional Chinese medicine that "卧则血归于肝(the blood flows back to the liver when the man lies down)". From 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. the next day is the time when liver activity is the strongest. The liver itself has a time rhythm. At night, the autophagy system of liver cells will be enhanced to assist in the decomposition and excretion of excess lipids and metabolic waste stored in the liver. For the liver, this is a valuable trimming time after a hard day's work. If people eat fried food such as barbecue at this time, there will be damage to the body.

Barbecue, fried food is greasy, spicy, and eat barbecue, or fried food in the process of many people will be wine together intake. And if too much use of this kind of food in daily life will lead to or aggravate the irritation of liver damage, and even cause fatty liver, alcoholic liver and other diseases!!!!


At present, liver problems are a big problem in the medical community, the means of liver treatment in the world is very limited. Serious liver diseases, such as liver failure, are not even treatable!But most young people turn a blind eye to their own problems concerning their lives, they don't notice the seriousness of things, they don't seem to care about it.


With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the endless development of science and technology and its infinite creativity will certainly continue to make greater contributions to human civilization. If and when science and technology can cure these terrible diseases. How do we deal with those bad habits? Some people might think that since these diseases can be cured I should just indulge myself and continue my bad habits. Other people will feel that the body is their own, it is best to have the original healthy body, even through the technology can cure these diseases, but still should be responsible for their own health, refuse bad habits.

Technological progress is all very well. The mistake is that people look at the problem in the wrong way. Even if technology can cure these diseases. But must pay a lot of money, you can ignore yourself, but it will indirectly affect your family. For those of you who don't need money, I just want to say, isn't the original healthy body bad?


On Weibo, the topic of "Don't risk your life to stay up late" became a hot topic. More than 30,000 people said they often stay up late because of revising or working overtime, while 10,000 people said they were born to stay up late and could not fall asleep early. More than 50 percent of netizens often or always go to bed after midnight, and 18.18 percent usually go to bed after 1 am, according to another "staying up late health survey" conducted by the Internet.

In 2016, a study published in Cancer Cell, a top international journal of oncology, pointed out that long-term circadian rhythm disorder will affect gene regulation and metabolic disorders, and over time, can also lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and even liver cancer.


Now the COVID-19 epidemic is serious and the prevalence rate is high. One of the main symptoms is fever.Fever may cause abnormal liver function. In particular, prolonged and repeated fever can lead to impaired liver function, as fever represents the presence of bacteria, among other things.We have to take medicine for fever,The liver is also a major organ for metabolizing drugs, but some people with poor liver function can die from it. Why do we all understand the truth, but the "shameless, desperate" people still not less? The reason is that everyone feels as if the threat of death is far away.

We only have one life,

and it is absolutely precious.

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