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Introduction to "Cardiovascular Disease" and "Coronary Heart Disease" interventions


Hi everybody! Welcome to Doctor Fox’s medical class. Recently, Doctor Fox has found that the number of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases is increasing, and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases are getting younger and younger. So here, Doctor Fox wants to introduce this kind of disease and the main treatment method – interventional therapy.

What is cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease is a disease of the heart or its blood vessels. It is a circulatory system disease, mainly including ischemic heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, stroke, cardiomyopathy, coronary heart disease, etc., among which stroke has the highest incidence.

Why do people have cardiovascular disease?

Due to the high intake of oil and salt food, those people that are living in modern life have a variety of bad living habits and frequent social food pollution problems, which leads to the increasing number of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and they are becoming younger and younger.

Coronary heart disease

Here, Doctor Fox will introduce coronary heart disease with high incidence in detail.

Coronary heart disease refers to coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, in short, coronary artery lumen stenosis or occlusion caused by heart disease, its symptoms are chest pain, and chest tightness.

So how do we treat it?

For coronary heart disease, interventional therapy is one of the effective treatment means, the blocking rate of coronary vessels is more than 75%, generally considered to do coronary artery stenting, which is the treatment means of interventional therapy. The general stent is metal stents and drug-coated stents, but because it is not absorbent, affects vascular elasticity and diastolic function. To solve this problem, Chinese companies invented the NeoVas biological absorbable stent, it is mainly made of polylactic acid polymer materials, and after the stent is implanted into the body, it undergoes a process of blood vessel reconstruction and repair and stent degradation .At present, the product has been launched in hospitals in various provinces of China and gained more recognition.

That is the end of today’s sharing class. Doctor Fox looks forward to meeting you next time.


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