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Global Warming effect on Human


Along with the success of the industrial revolution in 1750, it also marks the beginning of greenhouse gas began on Earth. Since increased machines are being invented commonly in Europe, the train, car, and tools have been globally trade, and being use. During the process of machine being commonly used, carbon dioxide gas began to increase. Since 19th century, Earth average surface temperature was increased approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit which equal 1-degree Celsius cause by carbon dioxide gas emissions along with the industrial revolution, greenhouse gas, human activities, and other factors contributed to Earth natural resources. To change the overall cause of global warming we have infinite ways in our human decision to bring the harmful effect to beneficial effect, and we would see how global warming has brought to our Ecosystems, human activities, and our mother nature.


The increased of machine globally brought many changes in Earth natural resources. The invention of machines such as auto-cars and trains required an energy source to keep it moving. The natural resources of coal were found for burning, rather than using wood, garbage, or other material. Coal is a functional way to keep the engine moving with heat transfer, heating, and a tool for transportation. Up until 1850, scientists James Watt invented the Steam Engine which was a way to use coal more efficiently. James Watt has a famous quote, which were” If the Steam Engine be the most powerful instrument in the hand of man, to alter the face of the physical world, it operates, at the same time, as a powerful moral lever in forwarding the great cause of civilization.”


The steam engine later spread globally in Europe, Unites States, China, and other developed countries. As coal, fossil fuels, and natural gas were all natural resources which commonly take millions of years to form with their own decomposed way from dead animals, plants, and living things that buried in high pressure underground. This material had been being drawn up by humans, as a burning material to keep their industry stable. Therefore, when more fossil material is being burned, it increases the carbon dioxide which is CO2 in scientific symbol. The rising of CO2 in this planet which means the increase temperature in our living environment. For this purpose, we have known from the beginning of industrial revolution in 1750 to 2019, the overall atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have increased 40 percent, from 280 ppmv to 405.5 ppmv. Following that the top four countries released the most carbon dioxide which are China, United States, India, and Russia, in here we noticed this are all top developed countries.


Human activities have been spread globally into forests, different countries, deep oceans, and even underground. Into the forests, humans have converted the land into agricultural areas, urban cities, and a place for human activities. The slaughter of wild animals, which is the result of making them lose their wild habitats for surviving, species extinction, and broke the natural law in forests which consider heaven for animals for all living and non-living organisms. Follow by the action of deforestation of cutting tree for wood supply. A tree or plant which had a process of photosynthesis to convert CO2 into oxygen. Photosynthesis works by the leaves absorbing CO2, and water and leaves use the energy from the sun converted CO2 into a chemical compound such as glucose or sugar to feed the tree, then had chemical reaction create oxygen and release from the tree. The action of increased deforestation which had no way for carbon dioxide to convert into oxygen enabled our living things to survive, which as a result mainly contributed to increased greenhouse gas emissions.


Deforestation has brought climate change, flooding soil erosion, desertification, species extinction, CO2 increased, survive for indigenous people, and other infinite problem. In Mahatma Gandhi, he had described “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” This quote commonly describes what we have done to forests and will later reflect to us individually. In the depth of 10,975 meters (36,000 feet) inside the Mariana Trench, which is considered the deepest part ocean ever found. In 1988, the ROVKAIKO found a single use plastic bag. This indicates that human activity has even affected the ocean harmfully with plastic bags spread to ocean, oil leaking, chemicals compounds released to ocean, water living organisms' extinction, overfishing, CO2 released, and pollution on ocean. As shown, human activities have covered every single location on Earth, even the deepest place inthe world. The action we have done to Earth, in future, would slowly reflect into our individual living. 6

As infinite impact human has created in Earth environment, we also can change into a beneficial, or positive impact by our individual. As the world we live in, we use many natural resources such as meat we consumed, energy we use, fossil fuel, natural gas we burn, water waste, garbage, or plastic waste, and pollution we produced. There are also infinite ways to stabilize our natural resources such as instead of using cars, that would use fossil fuel as energy burning which lead to emission of CO2, we can use bike. What’s more, humans as consumers, we eat meat such as cows, pigs, and other cattle, which then would produce many wastes, releasedCO2 or greenhouse gas, we can consume more vegetable, fruit, nut, seeds, grains, and healthier dairy of plant-based food. Additionally, our world, especially in developed, or developing countries, we use many energy sources, such as light to keep dark away, energy to keep our urban cities available in machine, and global network. To use less energy, we could turn off light sources before leaving your room, use less hot water, and switch off your light bulb to LED. Therefore, all these above facts would help us reduce energy use, and emissions of greenhouse gases that lead to climate change.


Prior to industrialization it marked the began of global warming. The invention of different machine such as Steam Engine using coal as energy source. The fossil fuel being used in manufacturing, as a burning material. CO2 began to increase by deforestation, human activity, and limited natural resources. Humans have been the major cause for environmental change on Earth. Although we could consume more vegetables, use less fossil fuels, use bikes as our main transportation, and reduce use of light. In sum, if we don’t have any positive action that impacton our Earth environment, our living space would decrease and lead to unreturnable impact. - Work Cited -

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