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Domestic violence makeup

Domestic violence refers to physical or psychological abuse between family members. When people hear "domestic violence," they often think of violent behavior between spouses, especially husbands towards their wives. However, we often overlook the fact that domestic violence encompasses a wide range of behaviors within the family. Many people don’t even realize they are victims of domestic violence and may dismiss it as a minor argument, leading to long-lasting trauma. Some people keep their grievances to themselves to maintain the Chinese tradition of "not airing dirty laundry." However, it is undeniable that domestic violence is a behavior that cannot be forgiven, whether it happens once or repeatedly.

Recently, there has been a trend of "domestic violence makeup" circulating online, which has made many people uncomfortable. The characteristics of domestic violence makeup include black and blue eyes, bloody lips, and scratches all over the face. Although it is merely makeup, it looks realistic enough to confuse people.

So why do people want to imitate this so-called "domestic violence makeup"? The answer is that they believe this makeup look is eye-catching, looks cool, and even beautiful... which is unbelievable.

The trend started when a blogger posted a photo on Instagram of himself wearing “domestic violence makeup”. He looked proud and unaware that this photo, given his influence, would quickly become a template for people to imitate. At the same time, he was also heavily criticized for beautifying domestic violence, an unforgivable behavior.

But more importantly, girls seem to have forgotten the harm caused by domestic violence and are more concerned about the attention this makeup brings them. They choose to ignore the suffering of those who are truly victims of domestic violence, and how they live their lives on thin ice every day, struggling with the hardships. They inadvertently rubbing salt into their wounds by ignoring and glamorizing this so-called "domestic violence makeup."

However, these women don't seem to think about this. They only see the bleeding lips and black and blue face as symbols of "brokenness" and "coolness." They enjoy the traffic and popularity this makeup brings them. More and more people are even voluntarily making tutorials for this "domestic violence makeup" trend, not to raise awareness about the seriousness of domestic violence, but to profit from the trend.

The trend of "domestic violence makeup" has continued for some time, but it has gradually been replaced by a makeup trend called "drug bug makeup," which comes from a recent popular Korean drama called "Dark Glory." The hazy, blurred feeling of the makeup has once again appealed to the masses' aesthetic tastes. But how many people will care about what a “drug bug” means and what it means to China’s public?

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