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Do you understand imaging in the hospital?


With the development of medicine and moral philosophy, more and more noninvasive diagnostic techniques are invented, and” iconography appears”. The topic of nuclear radiation always appears at the same time as iconography. If things go on like this, anxiety about iconography will be more widespread in the patient population. However, how many techniques are related to iconography? What is the influence it can make? Most people are not quite sure. And this is one of the most important reasons why the anxiety of iconography has appeared. The theory of CT The theory of Computer Tomography (CT) is to use the X-ray to scan different human organizations. Since they have different densities, the detector receives a different amount of X-ray after it passes through the human body and transfers it to a photo signal. After that, the computer will process the data into a CT image. Advantages of CT

1. CT can imagine faster than other devices, usually under 5 mins. Therefore, CT is suitable in emergency situations. 2. Suitable for younger patients or patients who cannot cooperate for a long time. 3. CT is more common compared to MRI. Most hospitals have CT devices. 4. CT is more economical compared to MRI. Disadvantages of CT

1. The most attention-getting drawback of CT is nuclear radiation. However, the radiation of nuclear is people can get in CT is in a safe range. Clinical advice for pregnant women does as less CT scan as they can in non-emergency in order to to avoid the possibility of having a malformation fetus. And it is important to say, in emergency situations, CT is always the first choice. In this case, I hope my article can help patients and patient's family can be understood. 2. Compare to the MIR, CT may not be as clear as MRI. Therefore, if the diagnosis needs a detailed image, the doctor may prefer MRI to CT. Target population of CT According to the advantages and disadvantages, CT is more suitable for the following groups: 1. Emergency situations; such as stroke. CT scans can diagnose faster, so the patients can get the correct therapy in time. 2. Patients who can not stay in a narrow space for a long time. For example claustrophobic, young children, and people with Alzheimer’s disease. 3. Since CT is less expensive. therefore patients who have financially difficulty can discuss with a doctor make CT as the first choice. The Q&A about CT What is the influence if I do CT when I was pregnant? And how much possibility will increase by increasing one time for a CT scan? Nuclear radiation is a teratogenic factor as most people know. However, it depends on the time you are exposed to nuclear radiation. Also, the nuclear radiation you can get in CT is limited. In addition, there is no clinical data about how much possibilities will increase with one CT scan. How long will the influence of CT will last? And what is the influence after I get the CT scan?CT The influence of CT scans is minimal. Clinical suggests that the influence of CT scan will not be more than 1 month. The theory of MRI At the action of a magnetic field, memetic atoms can produce different energy levels. If the energy (outside) is just between the difference of two adjacent energy (produce by memetic atoms), then the energy atoms absorb and generate transition, which is” resonance”. Advantages of MRI

1. MRI has no nuclear radiation. MRI scans are using electromagnetic waves(the same as sunshine). The main reason is that they are working in different ways. 2. MRI image is clearer than CT image. Therefore, if the diagnosis needs a detailed image, the doctor will prefer MRI rather than CT. 3. MRI is suitable for people who are highly anxious about nuclear radiation. If the patient is anxious about the nuclear radiation created by CT, they can discuss with their doctor to use MRI for diagnosis. Disadvantages of MRI1. It lest more time for scanning. Therefore, the waiting line for MRI is way longer than CT. And also need high cooperation in order to do the MRI scan. 2. Patients with cardiac pacemakers or any other invasive metal-made medicine instruments are not allowed to do the MRI scan. 3. The imaging time is longer, so it cannot be used in emergency patients, so as not to delay the rescue time of emergency patients. 4. MRI is more expensive. 5. MRI scanners are less widespread, so MRI scans may not be an option in lower-tier hospitals. MRI Target population of MRI According to the advantages and disadvantages, MRI is more suitable for the following groups: 1. Patients who do not have any metal devices in their bodies. 2. Patients who can cooperate with doctors to scan. Therefore, MRI is not suitable for very young children, Alzheimer's disease patients, and claustrophobic patients. 3. For pregnant women and other groups with high levels of radiation anxiety, doctors will try to help pregnant women avoid fetal teratogenic factors if the situation permits. 4. non-emergency 5. When higher-resolution imaging is required Summary If a patient with claustrophobia is also highly anxious about nuclear radiation is okay with an MRI scan? In other words, which should consider as the priority?

These all depend on the patient’s condition. If the patient can corporate well, obviously they can try MRI. But most of the claustrophobic people are not feeling well when they are in a small space even for a short time. But an MRI scan may take a long time. In this situation, patients can ask the doctor or staff if eye masks can be provided before the MRI scan begins. Is it strictly forbidden for patients who have non-movable metal inside their bodies to do an MRI scan? Yes, the patient with non-removable metal is strictly forbidden for MRI. And CT’s nuclear radiation is in a safe range, which will not have harmful effects on most people's image if they do not do CT scans intensively. If the patient’s economic condition is unaffordable for MRI, can they take CT as the first choice? The detail of this situation may need to discuss with their doctor. But it is okay to take CT as the first choice most of the time.

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