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Do you really understand the difference between mental illness and mental problems?

Mental illness and psychiatric disorders



Psychological disorders are caused by internal and external pathogenic factors that act on a person and cause brain dysfunction, thus destroying the integrity of human brain function and the unity of the individual with the external environment. The basic symptom of mental illness is a disorder of mental activity, resulting in abnormalities in cognition, emotion, will, and behaviour, such that the person cannot maintain a normal mental life and even commits acts that endanger himself or herself and the social community. The vast majority of the population is psychologically normal, but there are a few people who are psychologically abnormal or suffer from mental illness.

Mental illness and psychiatric disorders

In simple terms, mental illness usually manifests itself in areas such as mood and personality, such as mild depression and anxiety disorders. However, people with mental illness are unable to care for themselves in severe cases, similar to schizophrenia and manic episodes. In fact, mental illness and psychiatric disorders are inseparable, and some disorders can have characteristics of both. Many mental illnesses are found to be psychiatric in their early stages, so they should not be ignored and should be treated promptly.

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