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Diabetes is a common metabolic disease with a higher prevalence in countries with higher levels of industrialization and living standards. It is a serious disease that endangers human health. It can cause many fatal complications.It can promote atherosclerosis of the large vessels, and thus promote coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and insufficient blood supply of the lower femoral vessels. At the same time also causes microvascular lesions, diabetes patients are also prone to complications of various infections. With the improvement of industrial level and people's living standard, the incidence of diabetes is also increasing. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of diabetes has become a very important issue in our country and even in the world.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of chaotic diseases of carbohydrate, protein and lipometabolin caused by absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin secretion and impairment of insulin utilization, which is mainly marked by hyperglycemia.


Types of diabetes

  • Type l diabetes

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • 特 Specific type diabetes

(1) Diabetes mellitus caused by hereditary defect of islet beta cell function

(2) Diabetes caused by genetic defects of insulin action

(3)Diabetes mellitus caused by pancreatic exocrine diseases

(4) Diabetes caused by other endocrine diseases

(5) Diabetes caused by drugs or chemicals

(6) Diabetes caused by infection

(7) Uncommon immune-mediated diabetes

(8) Other genetic syndromes associated with diabetes

Overall, both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of diabetes. lt is mainly due to the dysfunction of islet cells resulting in decreased insulin secretion, or the body is not sensitive to the action of insulin or both,resulting in the effective use and storage of glucose in the blood.

At present, except for some specific types of diabetes, the molecular etiology of most diabetes is not clear. Diabetes mellitus has a certain genetic susceptibility, there is a family aggregation phenomenon. However, epidemiological and clinical research has been very clear that the main cause of type 2 diabetes is poor lifestyle. lf the number of diabetics in our country is to be reduced, the fundamental solution is to improve the social environment that promotes unhealthy lifestyles.


The typical symptoms of diabetes

The typical symptoms of diabetes are “three more and one less” related to hyperglycemia, skin infection, fatigue, vision changes and other symptoms and clinical manifestations, but many early patients often have no symptoms or mild symptoms.

As the disease progresses, patients with diabetes will gradually develop multi-system impairment and clinical symptoms associated with complications.


Prevent diabetes

To prevent diabetes, we should have a good diet, exercise persistently, check-up regularly and so on.


Develop good eating habits

Diabetes is a relatively common endocrine disease,which can be prevented through diet conditioning. In daily life, it is better not to eat food with high sugar content or food with high calorie content.



During the prevention of diabetes, it is also necessary to quit smoking, drink alcohol and strictly control weight. It is best to do some aerobic exercise, such as running and skipping rope, which can promote the body metabolism and regulate endocrine.


Regular examination

Going to the hospital for fasting blood glucose test regularly can accurately determine the blood glucose level in the body and can also be improved and prevented at an early stage.

Diabetes is an important problem in our country and even the world, which can not be ignored. Therefore, in order to reduce the incidence and maintain a healthy biochemical way, we call on everyone to control blood sugar and enjoy a health life!

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