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Cubital tunnel syndrome

In our body, neurons are big guys who lived in it. And there are roughly 14 billion neuron cells. Even though there are various shapes of neurons. However, each neuron's basic components are the cell body and neurite. In addition, neurons can cause many diseases, such as motor neuron disease. This is an uncommon disease and it can affect both our brains and neurons. Also, this kind of disease would make people’s body weak and becomes worse over time. By the way, if one people have some problems with neurons, sometimes he or she may not have to find a doctor who specializes in a department of neurology. As there are some conditions that you need to find an Orthopaedic specialist, problems with the ulnar nerve for example. One type of this example is Cubital tunnel syndrome.


To begin with, what is the ulnar nerve? The ulnar nerve which located on the upper limb and controls the fourth and the fifth finger. Also, it can send sensory information to our brain, such as temperature, pain, and touch. The ulnar nerve can be split into a muscular branch where in the forearm, a dorsal cutaneous branch located in the front of the forearm and near the wrist, and the palmar cutaneous branch at the middle of the forearm. These are basic information about the ulnar nerve.

To go further, the ulnar nerve can cause Cubital tunnel syndrome. In my point of view, this is a common disease and this can happen result in our daily behavior. Take me as an example. I got this disease on summer vacation in 2022. In the beginning, I found that my little finger and my ring finger could not be straightened as my other fingers. However, I did not take this thing seriously and just let it go. Over time, my symptom became severe and I found that my hand muscle shrank. Therefore I went to a hospital and after a series of questions asked by a doctor. I was

diagnosed with Cubital tunnel syndrome. This is because of my sleeping and studying pose. When I am sleeping, I always put my arm under my head. In addition, I like propping my head up on my arms while I am writing. These always take a long time and over time, my nerve entrapment swelled.


The most significant sign of this disease is your little ring fingers could not be straightened and become crooked. Loss of sensation or tingling. To be more specific, when you touch your fourth and fifth fingers, you will feel a sense of numbness. In addition, it is difficult to do something once you get this disease, like typing or playing musical instruments and controlling your fingers. These conditions usually happen when the disease becomes more severe. If you do not care about this thing and for a long time without treatment just like me, a more serious phenomenon would happen. Muscle wasting will occur which is an irreversible situation. One thing to note is a key that you must have to see a doctor if you have this disease for more than 6 weeks.

is a good way to wear a pad, which can make sure that your arm is straight. Also, you can do some exercises related to ulnar nerves as these can help your nerve slide more easily. In addition, it can also prevent your wrist and arm become stiff. However, if your symptoms are so severe that you would probably need to do surgery. There are three kinds of surgeries, including Cubital tunnel release, Ulnar nerve anterior transposition, and Medial epicondylectomy. To solve my situation, the doctor recommended I do a Cubital tunnel release surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to release your cubital tunnel, making it bigger and wider than before. And new neurons would grow if there are some damaged neurons. Usually, you only need to stay one night in a hospital. Even though the surgery can not guarantee that your cubital tunnel can be treated completely. However, the result is always positive. You also need to do some hand exercises to assist your postoperative recovery.

In conclusion, Cubital tunnel syndrome is not a very severe disease compared with other kinds of diseases. And the surgery is not quite complicated. Even though this sometimes would not be properly treated. However, I believe that if you have a good habit of sleeping pose and writing. This would not be a problem for you.


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