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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Ailin Yang

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability caused by differences in thebrain.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020) Spectrum is a range of different kinds ofautisms. However, the question of “where autism comes from” has not been fully answered, but thescientists have studied that the autism had its onset before birth. \ | /

There are three main characteristics of ASD. Although each patient’s specific personality orfamily environment are different, there are commonalities at their core.

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The first core feature is related to interactive social interaction. The specific manifestation isloneliness, do not know how to socialize, and preference for immersing oneself in one’s own world.Of course, these are not enough. A serious manifestation is the lack of communication with otherpeers. They usually act withdrawn and detached from others. But these are not what they really think or want. They are unable to understand communication and thus manifest their socialincompetence.

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The second feature is related to communication. Communication is made up of words,languages (voice),and some expressions and gestures. Some people with autism exhibit the abilityto speak, but are late in learning to speak and do not express emotions. Also some people withautism are fluent in expression but do not like to interact with others. Because communication is atwo-way street, sending and receiving information both need to work and if one part does notfunction properly, then communication is not possible. So most patients are unable to communicateproperly.

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The third feature is stereotyped andrepetitive activities. This belong to the extreme feature. The patients will repeat their interests and behave stubbornly and persistently. They will dothe same things day in and day out, and of course these traits will be mitigated as they grow up bylearning and experiences, etc., so most of these things happen as children.

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ASD, this developmental disorder can be improved with some treatment, although it can notbe fully treated. The treatments also need the support of families to provide a good education forchildren with autism, then this will make improvement possible.

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