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Do girls have to be financially independent?

Christina Lin

Have you heard of the term "financial independence"? What are your thoughts on it? Is it important? Is it a term that applies to men or women? Is it relevant to our daily lives?

Financial independence, as the name suggests, means obtaining stable income and wealth through one's own labor and work, providing oneself with financial security and confidence, rather than relying on others for financial support. For example, a woman who is a top executive in A company and earns a million dollars a year, obtains her own financial resources through her own work, which is an example of financial independence.

In society, many people still believe that financial independence is more important for men than for women. This is because some people believe that men are superior and the breadwinners of the family. Only when men are financially independent can they support their families, otherwise the family will collapse. On the other hand, the concept of financial independence is often considered optional or unnecessary for women. They are expected to stay at home and be a full-time mother, take care of their husbands and children, and their husband's financial support is sufficient. That's why many women today choose to be stay-at-home wives without pursuing a career, as they do not believe that financial independence is necessary for women.

"We should get married, but I want you to quit your job and come back home. I'll support you for the rest of your life."

Have you ever heard the phrase "We should get married, but I want you to quit your job and come back home. I'll support you for the rest of your life"? Many men use this kind of language when proposing or going on dates. However, these women have stable jobs and incomes that can bring wealth to themselves. But because they hear men say "I'll support you for the rest of your life," many women quit their jobs and return to their homes. thought their lives would become better, but the reality is often different. Some women have to ask their husbands for money to survive because they have no source of income. Even some couples may have conflicts and want to divorce, but because they have no financial resources, they can't afford to leave each other.

Economic independence can give us a lot, but is it really useful?

1. Economic independence can meet our social needs by managing our own finances and making purchases without the need for others' approval.

2. Economic independence can provide us with a sense of security, so we don't have to worry about our lives being influenced by others.

3. Economic independence can also stabilize our position in marriage. With a stable income, we don't have to rely on others for money, and our partner may also be cautious not to offend us because we earn money, which is beneficial to our status.


The recent popular TV drama "Heart's Desire" provides a good example. Before getting married, Sun Xin was an economically independent career woman with a high education and a stable career. During this time, Wu Jiang always listened to her. However, after they got married, Sun Xin became a full-time housewife after giving birth to their child because Wu Jiang wanted her to stay at home to take care of the child. Sun Xin wanted to go back to work but Wu Jiang kept finding excuses and they even argued about it multiple times. Eventually, Sun Xin discovered that Wu Jiang intentionally prevented her from returning to work, wanted her to focus on taking care of the child, and had an affair. They divorced. stand firm and not rely on men when they are economically independent. Economic independence can also make women nobler.

My good friend's sister graduated from a well-known university and started working for a large corporation after graduation. Initially, she was just an intern, but through her own efforts, she was eventually hired as a full-time employee. Now, she not only has a good job but also a stable income. Because of her economic independence, she is not worried about not being able to stand on her own in society; because of her economic independence, she can buy things she likes and satisfy her own needs; because of her economic independence, she can also use her money to buy things her family needs. She has gone from relying on her parents to saying, "Mom and Dad, I have money, I'll buy it." Therefore, Economic independence is a very beneficial thing for her.


Having no money can make it difficult for you to survive in society and live a painful life, and you may end up relying on others and have to live according to their rules just to have a meal. Therefore, only by relying on yourself, and working hard to achieve economic independence, can one become a better self and stand firmly in society. "A woman must rely on herself to be strong before she can stand in the world." This sentence is from Tan Sitong's "Female Precepts," even ancient people are telling us this truth, how can we not understand it? I hope that everyone can rely on themselves, live a brilliant life, and become a better self!

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