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12/02/23 Debate - Biomedical Engineering


December 3, 2023 at 3:00:00 AM




Debate Topic

With the development of biomedical engineering, human-body enhancement technologies continue to emerge, including gene editing, brain-computer interfaces, artificial organs, etc. If some individuals enhance their cognitive abilities, physical performance, or lifespan through biomedical engineering, would this exacerbate social inequality? Should human body enhancement be stopped?

随着生物医学工程的发展,人体增强技术不断涌现,包括基因编辑、脑机接口、人工器官等。 如果一些人通过生物医学工程提高他们的认知能力、身体表现或寿命,这会加剧社会不平等吗?是否应该停止人体增强技术发展?

Debate Overview

Affirmative: This will exacerbate social inequality and should be stopped.

Negative: This will not exacerbate social inequality and should not be stopped.



Preparing for Debate

4 VS 4 Debate Rules(Chinese):

Achievements & Rewards

Affirmative Side: 97/100

Negative Side: 94/100

Debaters can receive up to 3 volunteer hours, professional debate opportunities, and enhance their background!

Debate Recording(bilingual captions)

Due to technical issues, the recording of this debate could not be accessed. Below is a text version of each debater's speech and judges' comments:

How to Participate

The debates are hosted online via VooV Meeting. You can DM FuSSO on Instagram(FuSSO_2022) or on RED(FuSSO) to learn about how you can participate in these debates. We also post upcoming debate information in FuSSO's group chats, send a message to us for more information!

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